Thessaloniki Sweet Gastro Route

Discover the Sweet Gastro Route at the heart of Thessaloniki




Kids <14




of Agia Sofia

to Saturday
17:00 pm

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Have you ever realized that besides savory tastings Thessaloniki is also famous for several local desserts? Local trademarks that make life taste better…
Walking among the routes of gastronomy and history that this city provides, you will be able to feel the diverse blends of spices, nuts, butter and tasty dough whose aroma feel the air with, just passing outside a pastry shop or a bakery.

This sweet (literally) Gastro Route is designed especially for those with a… sweet tooth or believe that there’s always room for dessert. It’s time to get introduced into a flavorful side of Thessaloniki that is rarely presented.


The main characteristic of Thessaloniki that we are going to explore through the Sweet Gastro Route is its multiculturalism. This time, the Gastro Route is designed to explore the sweet side of Thessaloniki, and allow the guest to realize that the culture captured on the tradition of desserts is rich and depicts the combination of the diverse populations that traversed the city and composed a unique mosaic of flavors.

As a traveler, you will be introduced to an authentic world of spices, nuts, fruits, honey and dough that will transfer you to a journey through centuries. Sweet cravings that will indulge your senses as you will have the delicious opportunity to uncover some of the finest. Many of their origins have been traced at the times of the Byzantine Empire or even at the times of ancient Greece. Imagine the rich history that accompanies them, and the wisdom of their makers.

After 2 hours of strolling and savoring experience at the most emblematic sweet corners of the city center, patisseries, bakeries, food markets, we can guarantee you will finish the route with the incredible experience and appreciation of the passion and the craftwork that leads to the exquisite flavors you will taste.

everything sweet
about Thessaloniki!


  • All food servings are based on the Mediterranean Cuisine, which includes seafood, dairy, fresh meat, vegetables and fruits.

  • If you have any dietary restrictions, please inform us in advance, in order to prepare alternative choices. We can adapt the food servings to a wide variety of dietary, religious or cultural restrictions (food allergies, celiac, lactose or gluten intolerance, no pork, no shellfish, no alcohol, kosher, etc).

  • If you have any dietary preference, please inform us in advance. We can guarantee alternatives for any dietary preference (vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian etc).

  • The chef has internationally recognized First Aid qualifications.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and don’t forget your sun protection while strolling under the Greek sun.

  • The gastro route is a leisurely walk for people of all ages.